A group of the best distinctive marble products

Silvia Beige Marble

سيلفيا بيج


It is an Egyptian marble that is widely used in floors and walls, and is widely exported abroad. It is distinguished by its beautiful golden-beige color. It is extracted from Egyptian quarries. It is... See more

Marble features Silvia Beige Marble

  • High quality marble
  • Its color is unique
  • It is affordable compared to its competitors around the world

Sunny Minia Marble

صني مينيا


It is considered the most famous type of limestone in Egypt, and it is also one of the best selling types of stone in the Arab countries. It is extracted from quarries located in Minya Governorate, Eg... See more

Marble features Sunny Minia Marble

  • It is durable and indestructible
  • It tolerates high temperatures
  • Suitable for many uses

Sinai Pearl Beige Marble

سيناي بيرل بيج


It is considered one of the most famous types of Egyptian limestone, the quarries of this type are located in the north and south of the Sinai Peninsula, and it is considered the third most famous typ... See more

Marble features Sinai Pearl Beige Marble

  • It is characterized by hardness and durability
  • Withstand all weather conditions
  • Versatile

Galala Light Marble

جلالة لايت


It is considered a special type of marble, and all finishes can be applied to it except burnt. It can be used in interior designs such as walls and floors, and this material does not need anti-salt tr... See more

Marble features Galala Light Marble

  • More solid and durable than other types of Galala marble
  • Its distinctive color makes it more used in exterior designs

Meli Brown Marble

ميلي براون


Considered a kind of brown marble in Egypt, this stone is especially good for building works, decorations, mosaics, flooring, stairs, fireplaces, sinks, balustrades and other design projects, and it i... See more

Marble features Meli Brown Marble

  • It is durable and indestructible
  • Suitable for many uses

Meli Grey Marble

ميلي جراي


It is considered one of the most distinguished materials in Egyptian marble, because the gray color gives it an exceptional appearance, so if you want a luxurious look, it will be your best choice, an... See more

Marble features Meli Grey Marble

  • Its color is unique
  • One of the most distinguished types of Egyptian marble
  • Gives an exceptional look