Egyptian Marble and Granite Exports

Wednesday 7 December 2022

Egyptian marble and granite has many advantages: it is characterized by durability and hardness, and is non-perishable. It withstands high temperatures, so it is suitable for many uses such as: marble for kitchens, and some of its types are used in bathrooms, and also for stairs; Because it bears a lot of movement, and it is generally considered a source of elegance, beauty and harmony, so many countries import it.

Libya comes at the beginning of the list of countries importing Egyptian marble and granite last January; As 28,934 thousand tons were exported, at a value of $3.483 million, compared to $664 thousand in January 2020, with a growth of 424%.
After that, Saudi Arabia comes in second place, with a value of $2.784 million, by importing 22,505 thousand tons, compared to $2.343 million, with a growth rate of 19%.

Then, South Korea’s exports amounted to $2.372 million, through importing 25.77 thousand tons, compared to $1.015 million, with a growth rate of 13%. This has increased the value of Egypt’s exports to Algeria to reach $1.786 million through exporting 11.732 thousand tons, compared to $1.158 million. , by 54%

Egypt's exports to Sudan amounted to $742,000 compared to $145,000, an increase of 41%. Lebanon's exports also amounted to $946,000, compared to $240,000, or 294%.

As reports indicate that Egypt's exports of marble and granite increased during January 2021 to about 176,481 thousand tons, compared to 168,085 thousand tons during the same month of 2020, with a growth rate of 5%.