Stages of Granite Manufacturing

Wednesday 7 December 2022

It is known that the use of granite is widespread in many industries, and its spread is due to many advantages such as: its hardness and strength in endurance, and it cannot be scratched easily, and it has a high ability to resist environmental factors, and granite has multiple colors, and a variety of beautiful shapes.
Because of these features, and its entry into many industries, many people wonder how to manufacture granite?
In the beginning, dimensional granite is mined in quarries, where the granite is extracted in open pits, and then the surface layer, which includes unwanted soil or gravel, is removed, as these parts are removed by drilling and blasting.
After that, the stone is cut, and these cuts are made with a wire saw, after which a soft layer of dirt is prepared, and the large piece is stretched from the surface of the rock using wedges, airbags, excavators, or explosives, then the large block is divided into rectangular blocks by drilling many vertical holes The introduction of either explosives or mortar can produce distinct edges.
The large blocks of granite are then cut into slabs, by means of giant gang saws, and the slabs are cut as required for each project using a computer controlled diamond blade wet saw, usually about 20 to 30% of the slab is discarded due to weaknesses in the stone or the presence of unwanted patterns.