Stages of Marble Manufacturing

Wednesday 7 December 2022

For many people, marble is the first choice for beautification and decoration, as it is used in many industries around us, and because of the popularity of marble since ancient times; Where kings and princes used it in walls, floors and ceilings, so the marble industry is one of the things that attracts the attention of many people.
In this article, we will explain the steps of manufacturing marble from A to Z.
In the beginning, a set of materials must be available; They are the bonding materials, which are: polyester polymer, monocarboxylic acid, polyhydric alcohols, and monohydric alcohols, and these groups make up 98% of the mixture, as well as cobalt, which is added to polyester by 1%, and hardener, which is a substance that helps speed Hardening is added at a rate of 1%, colored oxides, and broken marble stones or what is called broken alabaster.
After that, the mixture is formed: it contains 1% of cobalt, 98% of polyester, 1% of hardener, aqueous dyes or the required color, and in some products it is possible to add 60% of the mixture of marble stones or broken alabaster.
Then the molds are sprayed with a greasy substance with a spray gun or painted manually, in order to ensure that the marble is obtained without defects, and that it is easy to get out of the mold. The mixture is left in the mold for 10 minutes.
After that, the excesses are removed from the marble, and the restoration operations are completed, and the crumbling parts are finished, then polished with a manual or automatic polishing brush, after which the marble is packaged by placing small products inside boxes made of corrugated cardboard, and large pieces are covered with transparent plastic, and the edges must be properly wrapped Good so that it will not be damaged during transportation and storage.