Marble and Granite industry in Egypt

Wednesday 7 December 2022

Egypt is characterized by many natural resources, which are considered divine grants, the most important of which are the mountain ranges extending east and west, which abound with natural resources of Egyptian marble and granite; Which is one of the best, most beautiful, and distinguished species, which qualifies it to compete in the global market.
And based on Egypt's attempts to benefit from the natural resources that abound in its mountains, the interest was in developing the marble and granite industry as one of the promising industries, capable of competing in global markets, in addition to the fact that the marble and granite industry is considered one of the environmentally friendly industries, which qualifies it to penetrate new markets.
The establishment of the City of Galala for the manufacture of marble in the plateau of Galala al-Bahariya, and the city of marble in central Sinai, as well as the development of the Shaq al-Thu`ban area in Cairo, is a continuation of the efforts made to maximize the use of the natural resources that Egypt possesses.
Egypt contains a huge stock of marble and granite of all kinds. Where a lot of Egyptian mountains abound with this reserve, for example: the area of ​​Khashm al-Raqaba with an area of 70 km, the area of Galala 80 km, and Sinai 50 km, as well as in Aswan, Sohag, Minya, and the New Valley. Others in very large quantities.
Marble and granite are distinguished by their colors, and each color has a specific area in production. For example, we find: beige marble (Galala marble); And it is extracted from the Galala Mountains in Suez, and the colors of rose and yellow are from the Khashm al-Raqqa area in the Red Sea Governorate, and other colors of marble, as well as red granite extracted from the Aswan Mountains, and white granite from the Al-Alaqi Valley.