What is the difference between marble and granite?

Wednesday 7 December 2022

Marble and granite are among the most important stones that are used in many industries around us, and there are many things that can be made with marble or granite, so what is the difference between marble and granite? And which one is better to use?
Marble is a metamorphic rock consisting of limestone that is subjected to intense pressure and high heat in the earth's crust, while granite is an igneous rock formed by magma in the depths of the earth.
As for the outward appearance:
The external appearance of marble is veins that wrap across the stone, and it is often available in black or white.
Granite has a light, flaky, grainy appearance and is available in a wide variety of colors.
And for hardness and durability; Granite is stronger than marble, and both can withstand high temperatures, but granite has a greater heat tolerance, and marble is affected by acidic liquids spilled on it, while granite is not affected by it.

On the other hand, granite is not affected by scratching, but marble can easily be scratched, and granite weights are larger in size than marble.

Because of these differences between marble and granite; Marble is used in areas with less movement and use, such as: bathrooms; It can be used for bathtubs, shower walls, floors, and the durable nature of granite makes it more suitable; For kitchen surfaces and entryways, where there is high or heavy activity and use.

But the question remains, which is better, marble or granite?
There is no preference for one over the other, it all depends on the aesthetic you prefer, and how much regular maintenance you are willing to do.