What is marble ?

Wednesday 7 December 2022

Stone is considered one of the powerful gifts of nature to man, as man used it since ancient times in construction, and there are some ancient civilizations that relied entirely on stone in building their civilization, and with the passage of time and the development of science; This topic did not differ much; As the stone of all kinds has become one of the most important building materials, and it is used in the manufacture of decorations and decorations, and marble is one of the basic types of stones that are widely known all over the world.
This wide popularity of marble makes us wonder; What is marble and how is it formed?
Marble is a type of sedimentary rock, and natural marble is formed by crystallization of limestone; It is a crystalline stone used in construction and artwork, and it is produced through interactions that occur in the ground. With pressure and heat over the years, its hardness and colors vary; This is according to its components and the place where it was extracted from.
There are two types of marble: natural marble and artificial marble, as the second type is manufactured; To avoid the drawbacks and drawbacks of natural marble.
For example, natural marble is subject to shrinkage and fracture, and its color changes. As for artificial marble; chemicals are mixed with it in certain proportions during its manufacture; So it's versatile.
And in our modern age; We see marble everywhere around us; starting from the kitchen countertops; This is because it is suitable for all types of kitchens, to be used in the floors of homes and villas. As it is one of the decorations that give unparalleled luxury, passing through its use in bathrooms; As it increases its breadth and gives a sense of luxury.
And do not forget also the use of marble in the stairs of villas and hotels; Which turns it into an attention-grabbing decorative piece that replaces covering stairs with any carpet.