About us

Get to know Carvers closely, the best marble and granite company in Egypt

Carvers aims to produce and export marble and granite of the highest quality; This is done by making its marble and granite products conform to the highest international standards and specifications in terms of quality

  • Color
  • Water absorption
  • Constancy
  • Durability

The company seeks to be the market leader by applying the policy of quality through

  • Providing high quality products
  • Meet customer requirements
  • Commitment to delivery dates

We put in your hands years of experience in the field of marble and granite design, and a high degree of professionalism and quality, all this in order to ensure obtaining the best product and a better customer experience

Experience in the field of designing Egyptian marble and granite of all kinds and exporting it abroad

We offer our customers a carefully selected assortment of Egyptian marble and granite, from the best quarries all over Egypt, and our products are distinguished by their high quality and affordable prices for all.

Our vision

Creating a company whose name is associated with quality; And that its products are at the top all over the world, and work in an environment-friendly manner, to contribute to creating a better future, and we care about securing a safe and healthy work environment; Since the value of the human being comes in the first place, we also encourage the workers to develop themselves and develop the spirit of creativity.

Quality policy

Carvers places customer satisfaction at the top of its list of priorities, by providing all types of marble and granite, providing customers' needs at reasonable prices, with the highest quality, and adhering to delivery times. The company seeks to lead the market through the continuity of developing its products and improving performance

Our message

in our world today; Change is the new constant, and it can no longer be considered a luxury or a luxury, and for that we strive to become a leading company in the production and export of Egyptian marble and granite worldwide. We also care about reviewing comments and taking appropriate measures to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.